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Sports Chiropractic at Northern Life Wellness

At Northern Life Wellness, we deal with all levels of sports activity, from developing youth to weekend warriors and professional athletes. Each level has a different motivation and focus:

Young developing athletes—want to develop well in their sport without any hindrances. Parents are fully involved in the process.

Tennis player

  • Competitive sports—usually occurs at the ninth grade level. Everyone wants to maximize their performance to make the team they desire. Parents are willing to spend extra to send kids to camps and extra training to improve their chances of making a high-level team.
  • College-bound—these years are about catching the eye of a recruiter and hopefully grabbing a scholarship to make college more affordable while they continue to be active in their sport. Some may even have their eye on the pros or the Olympics. Once there, the pressure to perform is immense to keep the scholarship.
  • Weekend warriors—things like weight lifting, baseball, volleyball, etc.
  • Adult leagues—when buddies get together to play softball, golf, or some other sport after being inactive all week, injuries happen, and they play through them until the problem becomes too big to ignore.


High School Athletes

The competitive level and dedication we see from high school athletes is very high, as is their willingness to take action to change and develop themselves in their craft. Unfortunately, that same drive can lead to injuries. Our team works with them to heal, restore, and prevent future injury.

We’re also proud sponsors of numerous local sports teams. You can learn more on our Team Sponsorship page.

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Our Healing Therapies

Our adjunctive therapies, such as massage and physical therapy, are very helpful in dealing with these injuries. Services like trigger point and deep tissue massage help with recovery, circulation, and other areas, allowing the athlete to continue doing what they love.

Physical therapy helps with pain, stiffness, and muscle weakness. Improving range of motion and flexibility helps with overall movement and allows the athlete to function better and recover faster.

Accelerate Your Healing

Get back in the game faster; schedule an appointment with our skilled team to get the care you need. Contact us today!


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