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Empowering Every Journey of Your Life

Living a life of health and wellness stretches beyond simply “feeling good.” Performing at their highest potential, our bodies are designed to heal so we can function optimally during life's whirlwind of soccer games, board meetings, pilates, playdates, happy hours, and all of our other cherishable moments.

For over 20 years, our team has been passionate and dedicated to helping all members of the family spanning from 101 years young to one day old. Since no one person is created equal, we design personalized care plans based on your health goals so you can be empowered to finally achieve the life you deserve. While nothing is more rewarding than seeing our patients reach their goals, the relationships that we build along the way are priceless. That’s why at Northern Life, you’re family. Understand how our Burnsville chiropractors can help you and your family.

Your Home to Wellness

Every aspect of our clinic was built with you in mind, that’s why we pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop for wellness offering chiropractic, physical therapy, nutrition, and massage therapy. Whether you're wanting to kick your migraines to the curb, rehab a sports injury, bounce back after giving birth, or clean up your diet, we’re here to make it happen.

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Far Beyond Pain Relief

While we help many people alleviate pain and discomfort at our office, the power of chiropractic helps jumpstart your nervous system so your inborn innate intelligence can function and heal. At peak functionality, our nervous system works by our brain sending signals down our spinal cord, through our spinal nerves, and to all of our organs. That means that for us to be our healthiest, this system must be working without interference. If subluxated and the spine is not properly aligned, pressure is put onto our spinal nerves and the connection between our brain and organs is interfered with, therefore not receiving the signals they need to function properly.

Our mission is for you and your family’s bodies to exhibit full potential so you can heal and function the way God intended. While our Doctors seek to reverse these common brain-to-body interferences through chiropractic, our priority is also to educate you about health and healing so that you can take your family's health into your own hands without the need for drugs.

Chiropractic Burnsville MN Health Care Made Extraordinary

Health Care Made Extraordinary

Whether it is within or outside of our walls, everything we do is with passion, integrity, and spirit so we can empower and pay it forward to our patients and the community. We believe that healthcare shouldn't be boring. That’s why we host things like Food Truck Fridays, a Wellness Warm-Up luau in the dead of winter, and sponsor dozens of local teams a year because we believe healthcare shouldn’t be anything but extraordinary. You can’t be extraordinary without an exceptionally dedicated team who is ready to serve and motivate you through your wellness journey. Meet our team of wellness rockstars.


Quote Mark

"All the staff at Northern Life Wellness are highly skilled and very friendly. I've been going to the clinic for help with migraines and have made significant progress in decreasing the severity of my migraines. Quite an improvement in the quality of my life! Thanks Team!"

Pam P.

"Awesome front desk service. Always there with a smile and warm greeting. Comfortable family style environment. Great personal care!! You are in good hands with Northern Life, Thanks!"

Jennifer L.