What to Expect

At Northern Life Wellness, we believe that your healthcare care shouldn’t be anything other than extraordinary. That’s why we’ve created a bold team of Rockstars and built a facility that feels more like home than a Doctors office. But don’t just take our word for it, read on to learn the steps we’ll take together to guide you on your road to wellness, and contact us to schedule your first appointment!


Your Day 1 at our office is not only your first visit to Northern Life but the first day in your journey to getting your health on track to being your best you. We know that your time is valuable, that’s why we recommend that you fill out our intake paperwork ahead of time and bring it with you to your first visit. Once your paperwork is completed you’re in the driver’s seat.

We want to hear your health concerns and priorities so we can gather the information that will help us better understand how we can help you. We do this by doing a thorough consultation, completing an orthopedic and neurological exam, and taking appropriate x-rays so we can actually see the issues that need to be addressed.

Your Day 1 visit is designed to be focused and thorough but also motivating, educational, and honorable of your time lasting roughly only 45 minutes.

Chiropractor Burnsville MN Jeffrey Danielson Holding Spine Modal

like saving time?

Download and fill out your new patient paperwork before your first visit! Bring in a printed copy to your Day 1 or email a completed PDF to northernlifewellness@gmail.com before your appointment.

day 2: report of findings

We call our patients’ second visit the Report of Findings (ROF). It is during this time that your Doctor will explain and show you what the cause of your problem is, whether we can help, how we intend to fix it, how long it takes to correct, and how we can do it affordably. During your ROF and future visits, it is our priority to deliver exceptional care while educating the why behind what you’re feeling and how we’re going to treat it. For you to see the results you want, we need you to be confident in us and the steps we’re taking to get there.

Chiropractor Burnsville MN Bryan Belcher With Patient

Regular Visits

Once you and your Doctor have created a plan of care, any future visits you have will be roughly 10-15 minutes long. If you’re a little early and your Doctor is with another patient, you’ll get to kick back and relax in one of our massage chairs or roller tables and get your muscles ready for your adjustment. Since no two people are alike, neither are adjustments. Each adjustment you have is delivered to help you reach the goals outlined in your care plan and address any concerns that may have risen since then. You’ll find that we take advantage of many dress-up days, excuses to decorate, and opportunities to take the fun dial up a notch, so be warned. If you arrive for your appointment to find us all dressed up as superheroes or the office full of Olympic games, we hope you’ll jump into the madness with us.

Care Made Affordable

We’ve found that every person that walks through our doors has more in common than they’d think: something is hindering them from doing the things they love most. To be able to give each of our patients the care they need to overcome their health barriers we offer various affordable care plans and accept several forms of payment. While you and your Doctor will land on which type of plan and form of payment is best for your family during your ROF if you choose to start care, below are a few frequently asked questions people have regarding how they can pay for their care.


Q: Can I use my HSA/FSA?
A: Most often, Yes. While each has its own specific rules we can offer detailed receipts for you to submit to your HSA or FSA.

Q: Do you accept insurance?
A: Yes, we do take all forms of health insurance. Each person’s coverage is dependent on their individual policy. We also offer Health Care Made Affordable plans that are often comparable to the cost of an average co-pay. Because every policy, insurance company, and family is different, we’ve found it’s best for our team to check any insurance coverage leading up to your ROF so that you and your Doctor can discuss what is the best payment option for you and your family.

Q: Can I still use my insurance if it is out of your network?
A: Yes. Being out of network with an insurance company means that a provider, such as a wellness clinic, hasn’t signed a contract obliging them to the restrictions of the insurance company. There are several ways that using out-of-network insurance coverage can be beneficial, but like many insurance-related questions, looking at your specific coverage with your Doctor is the best way for you to determine what payment options will be the best fit for your family.