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why sit on the sidelines?

When it comes to your health, it is super important to be proactive and not reactive. Living in a society of "sick care" rather than "health care," many wait until they are injured or experiencing symptoms before seeking health or wellness care. When an athlete is injured, it not only affects their whole team but it results in them sitting on the sidelines of the very game they love. Who goes into a season wanting to sit on the sidelines injured? No one. That's why at Northern Life Wellness we are passionate about speaking to and educating teams and their families about injury prevention techniques so they can stay healthy both on the field and in the game of life.

At our office, we perform a Functional Movement Screening that runs athletes through a series of functional movements to see how well their bodies are operating. Then our Doctors and the athlete can see where problems or deficiencies may be occurring that could lead to future injuries.

prevent future injuries

If you could prevent a future injury from happening would you? If you answered yes, schedule an exam and consult with one of our Doctors and apply for your team to be sponsored so we can help them too!

looking for sponsorship?

At Northern Life Wellness, we envision a stronger, healthier, and happier generation growing up in our community. We love helping and sponsoring athletes and clubs of all kinds and want to invest in them. In 2021 alone we sponsored 34 local teams! Whether you are in an adult league, have a kiddo in little league, or know of a high school athlete in a school sport, we are interested in sponsoring your team! Our office has been proud sponsors of Burnsville, Prior Lake, and Savage area teams for over 20 years and is always looking for new connections and sponsorship opportunities! Interested in getting your team sponsored? Fill out our team contact form below and we'll reach out to you.

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