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While we help many people alleviate pain and discomfort at our office, the power of chiropractic helps jumpstart your nervous system so your inborn innate intelligence can function and heal. At peak functionality, our nervous system works by our brain sending signals down our spinal cord, through our spinal nerves, and to all of our organs. That means that in order for us to be our healthiest, this system must be working without interference. If subluxated and the spine is not properly aligned, pressure is put onto our spinal nerves and the connection between our brain and organs is interfered with, therefore not receiving the signals they need to function properly.

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Our mission is for you and your family’s bodies to exhibit full potential so you can heal and function the way God intended. While our Doctors seek to reverse these common brain-to-body interferences through chiropractic, our priority is also to educate you about health and healing so that you can take your family's health into your own hands without the need for drugs.

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Whether you’re a mom looking to soothe your child’s colic, suffering from sciatica, or seeking to improve your overall health and wellness, there is a very good chance we can help. Below are some of the common conditions and people we see. However, after over 20 years in practice, we’ve seen it all. If you’re wondering if our Doctors can help YOU, give us a call.

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General Health & Wellness

Back and Neck Pain

Shoulder and Hip Pain

Pregnancy and Newborns

Headaches and Migraines

Arthritis and Seniors

Auto Accident and Work Injury

Athletes and Sports Injuries

And so much more!

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"All the staff at Northern Life Wellness are highly skilled and very friendly. I've been going to the clinic for help with migraines and have made significant progress in decreasing the severity of my migraines. Quite an improvement in the quality of my life! Thanks Team!"

Pam P.

"Awesome front desk service. Always there with a smile and warm greeting. Comfortable family style environment. Great personal care!! You are in good hands with Northern Life, Thanks!"

Jennifer L.